Shannon Malish, LCSW-S is an innovator and leader in the field of addiction treament. She is the founder, owner, and CEO of both Windmill Wellness Ranch ( and Brain Frequency (

Shannon has a master’s degree from the University of Texas - San Antonio in Social Work with an emphasis in addiction counseling. Her undergraduate degree is in Business Management from Azusa Pacific University and, though successful as a team member that ran a Real Estate Investment Trust on the New York Stock Exchange, Shannon found she was not satisfied with her career path. With a personal connection of losing her younger sister to anxiety and depression, Shannon began her Master’s in Social Work which culminated in running 12 inpatient centers in 3 different states. It was her dedication and passion for helping people heal by putting the patient first that further spurred Mrs. Malish to open an inpatient/outpatient facility unlike any other in its specialties of trauma, drug addiction, and mental health.

After years of teaching and delivering treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance-use-disorders and various other mental health disorders, Shannon sought out a team of psychiatrists and neurologists to investigate the missing component of how medications are often not the solution to these issues. What she has found working with this team of experts is that many people suffer from an imbalance in the brain. Shannon was trained and certified by Neurocademy, an International group of the most advanced individuals specializing in rTMS (repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation) and is also certified in TMS. This training along with the data on individualized approach is what led to her revelation to assemble another team of highly experienced doctors and scientists to develop a new and non-invasive way to treat this brain imbalance, thus delivering the revolutionary treatment iTMS™. This state-of-the-art, front-end of the brain method is instrumental in treating conditions such as ADHD, autism, different neurocognitive disorders and even people who suffer from sleep issues. Shannon can personally attest to its benefits and success as her son underwent iTMS™ to treat ADD and observed those symptoms disappear with the treatment.

With an astonishing success rate of 94% when combining iTMS™ treatment with therapy, it will eventually move people away from having to rely on medication.

Mrs. Malish is also the founder of Brain Frequency Center in Spring Branch, Texas.

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