I was a police officer for 14 years. As a result of the job, I experienced P.T.S.D. I knew that something was wrong with me, but I did not know what. I only knew that what stared back at me through a mirror was no longer "me." I figured out that I wanted to somehow make a difference in how warriors were treated when they were the ones who needed help. I returned to school to begin the journey toward providing substance abuse and mental health counseling for our nation's first responders and military. As a result of my journey, I knew there was a piece missing in treatment. It was the understanding and prospective from a law enforcement officer and military personnel. Today, I am a Licensed Master of Social Work and Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor who specializes in the treatment of addiction, trauma, PTSD, and other co-occurring disorders. I also specialize in sound healing. Sound healing is an ancient practice that has been used for healing. This practice reduces stress in anxiety, P.T.S.D., chronic pain and sleep disorders. Sound therapy can retune your mind body and spirit. It uses a combination of tones and vibrations that relaxes the nervous system on a cellular level. Based on Polyvagal, sound healing reduces the stress response to traumatic memory. It uses Tibetan singing bowls, the Renpho drumming binaural beats and sound tracks specifically chosen to produce a calming effect within the brain and it is proven by neuroscience. My mission is to advocate and provide mental health services for our nation's warriors and do everything within my power to ensure another's cry for help is answered.

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